Finding something to do!

pop flowers

So, are you between projects? Or are you looking for inspiration while in the middle of a more mundane project? Well, regardless of your situation, as a designer/artist you need to satay fresh. You need to keep your skills sharp. The only way to stay on top of your industry is to redefine your “down” time. Don’t let exhaustion or “burn-outs” be your typical excuse any more. You are called to a higher purpose. Find a way to express your creativity and share it regardless of whether you are getting a paycheck for it or not. Creativity never sleeps. You never stop thinking; therefore, your creative should never be allowed to rest either. If you are out of things to work on and you find yourself on the couch watching TV instead of making your next big design, GET UP! Grab your camera! Go take some pictures. Take a picture of everything and anything! But take these pictures as if you were “art-directing” yourself for

your current project. Remember all those principles that you always apply to your regular work! Treat yourself as the client and the contracted photographer. The intention is to direct yourself to compose these shots to be useful in the purpose of spawning new designs and new campaigns.

Another way to keep your creative drive is to think of a friend or family member who may be starting a new company, or has a service that needs marketing. Go create a whole new campaign for marketing their business or service. Don’t tell them that you are doing this until you have come to a point in the brainstorming and rough draft stages that you can present visuals for them to see while you are pitching your ideas. Fully apply your skills, experience, and passion into this project that you would normally do. But, do it with more pride and passion than you might regularly for a “paying client”. This is your opportunity to present the worlds next best design or art form. The opportunities are endless because you do not have anyone but yourself telling you what to do! You are not handicapped by the corporate head and red tape of inter-office policy and politics. You have the opportunity to apply your trade with as much creativity as you can possibly produce, for someone who will actually appreciate it and uplift it. And, will make money off of it, that will mutually benefit you!

Post your work on your blog, send out emails touting the new and adventurous things that you are excited to be working on currently. Get your name and work out there. Send links to your online portfolio to any and all of your old contacts. Drum up some side work! Make something big happen! You are the only one who can!


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