A Creatives Perspective

The Hand Sketch vs. the Computer Comp.

The “art” of sketching out an idea for a client seems to be lost in today’s microwave society. Long gone are the days when a sketch book is what you saw in the hands of a professional designer. The first thought that comes to mind when he/she is commissioned to “mock-up” a quick idea of a logo is to pull out his pocket computer  and start mouse clicking away! What has happened to the idea that the “mind” is the best tool for the job? What about the option of showing a client and actual pencil sketch? What happened to the original “art” involved with design. The raw nature of being able to come up with a concept and interpret it through the hand by means of a #2 Pencil? Why should the designer be entrapped and limited by the tools that only photoshop or Illustrator can present by clicking a mouse? There is nothing wrong with representing an idea in its virgin state by reviewing its composition by use of simple hand drawn boxes and lines. That original concept, if it can be composed by hand can be thus redrawn into the computer afterwards. From that point on, the art can be refined to its minor details.


All too often in todays society it is common thought that immediate results drive the application of creativity. Unfortunately the quality of creativity suffers when time is forced. When near insane turn-around times are enforced it usually is a natural conclusion to jump on the computer first. The problem that is discovered after a short period of time is that the computer becomes a hinderance to that creativity as well. Creativity by definition should have no boundaries. Yet the applications that are present in said computer become the driving force behind the thought process rather than creativity. For example: If one is merely mildly proficient with a program, psychologically he immediately becomes slave to the capabilities of that program. The “application” of creativity becomes limited by user knowledge. Many young designers also become limited by the feeling that if they did not “produce” the actual piece themselves  then it is no longer their own. On the contrary! The more one can use his connections and resources through a strong and reliable network, the more he becomes empowered by limitless possibilities, and also gets the benefit of honing his skills against others by communicating with those fellow designers. They will bring different and unique perspectives that your original concept may have missed. Perhaps it may even become a better “application” because of it.


I challenge you to pick up a pencil and a small sketch book or journal and keep it with you always. You never know when your next great idea will com pouring into your head. Don’t be caught empty handed when it comes knocking… it may only present itself that one time!


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