Delicious Jar and Bottle Labels to Spice Up Your Cupboard

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As found on You the Designer

Inspiration September 29, 2011 by Leah Oripaypay

The kitchen is probably the favorite place of many a mother because it is where good home cooked food is made. Imagine how much more fun the kitchen will be if you have wonderful bottles of condiments and colorful jars of marmalade in them. What a delight that will be!
If you’re designing such bottles (or in this case, labels), you should know that the products you’ll be promoting will go further than a store shelf. Hopefully, your customers will like the packaging enough to reuse them over and over. If they’re well designed as the 40 samples below, I’m pretty sure they’ll both be bought and kept in the cupboard for a long time. Enjoy feasting your eyes on these beautiful custom labels!


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