A Creatives Perspective v.4 – Flexibility

  So… how many times has a client changed an appointment on you? How many times has it happened to you just as you finished preparing your presentation? What about after you have just traveled 100 miles to get there? Well, count it all joy my friends because the future of your design career will only thrive if you are willing to be the flexible one. The more you make yourself available at any time the more your potential clients will recognize that you are true and sincere about providing them with excellent customer service.

  Granted, this is annoying, but it is true business character building! Your presence in any organization as an “artist” should be that of the representative of good taste. If you were too busy to rearrange your schedule then you show that you really don’t care about the success of your client. Your flexibility shows that you are serious about what you have to offer and that it is capable of standing the test of time. You represent the foundation to your clients marketing. Their outward appearance is the design clothing that you have crafted for their undressed body. If you are willing to meet, present, and produce at a moments notice, then you are worth calling back!

Make sure that your attitude is one of positive solutions, regardless of any ill-timed meeting changes, because today it might just be a meeting change, tomorrow it could be a change in the scope of the project, It could even be a change in your handler/contact!

If you can prove that you always have a solution to offer regardless of the changing times, you become an asset to that client. One of trust, honesty and flexibility!

-Aaron Ford


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