A Creatives Perspective v.6 – Lemonade out of lemons

It is true that we are a society that thrives on BAD news, and when we cannot find any from someone else, we make our own. We tend to turn everyday, and regular, struggles into “Your worst day EVER!!!”

I would challenge any designer out there to stop and re-evaluate the true blessings that you really have! As a designer you have the distinct privilege of being trained in the area of “seeing” beauty. Seing it and then interpreting it for others who have not been blessed in the same way! If you only focus on the BAD things around you and that you have been “subject” too, what will prospective clients think of you professionally? Why would they want to work with you if all that you know how to do is to complain about all the things that you have at your disposal.

How ’bout we try to change all that! How ’bout you grab your camera and go take some pictures of the beautiful things in nature that surround you! Go observe through your “trained” eye; maybe that beauty will rub off and inspire you to be appreciative.

How ’bout going back to your desk; make a logo, a website, a brochure, or anything; for that person that is in your life who desperately needs a product like the one that you can provide but cannot afford it! Use generosity to spawn creativity in a positive way. Don’t focus on why you are the victim, but rather, focus on why you have been blessed and how you can affect positive change for the benefit of those around you!


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