A Creatives Perspective v.7 – Reputation

A Freelance designer’s good reputation needs to be one of his most important aspirations. Money and a strong client list are something, but should not be the most important goals. Without a good/excellent reputation one cannot attain those clients or money.

A reputation, good name, is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold. Also put, we should be more inclined to do that which we may gain and maintain a good name rather than to raise or add to great fortune.

A designer should never compromise his craft for the pursuit of money. The faulty of work should be the utmost goal, so that the word-of-mouth reputation will precede any advertising that you may think you need to do. Networking and face time are told that one should also implore. Your name and face are really what makes up the presence of your company. Communication and commitment to excellence will always provide the continual work that you will need to build both the client list and the income.


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