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What & Why?


The concept behind Bearduary is quite simple, in times of inclement weather when the wind bites and snarls, the landscape turns into bleak unforgiving tundra and the sun sets before the start of happy hour, a true gentleman grows a beard. Lesser men with smooth, soft skin risk succumbing to these harsh conditions or worse yet, completely abandoning their moral fortitude by giving into the temptation of corporate culture’s castrating comforts in the form of sweatshop ski masks and mufflers when alas, the undeniable solution lies just below their noses, literally. We as gentleman have been blessed with a precious gift, the gift of follicle virility in convenient patches upon our faces. I implore you not to take the sanctity of this gift lightly.

Why are beards gentlemanly pursuits you might ask? The monotony of the shaving routine, lopping off this coarse growth of our birthrights, takes precious time away from more chivalric pursuits. The valuable time wasted primping and preening one day stubble in front of a mirror or other reflective surface with a fourteen blade, vibrating faux wood paneled razor could be better spent opening doors for comely lasses dressed in the latest fashions or educating the youth in matters of import and good humor. In other words, tasks befitting of a gentleman. Just as there are innumerable paths that your beard may choose to take upon your face, so too are the paths that a true gentleman might walk upon as he sets forth to serve the greater good of his society. I urge you then friends, to no longer deny yourselves the stature and responsibility of such a worthy undertaking as this, the cultivation of a winter beard.

Bearduary then, is a bona fide celebration of the tradition and beauty of the beard, the outward expression of man’s inner soul. A time of transformation and an opportunity for unfettered contemplation. Begun as an experiment amongst the tall buildings and concrete of New York City, by a handful of brave men eager to shrug off the shackles of androgyny, revolutionaries that had grown tired of the veiled attempts at metrosexual emasculation that denied the most essential qualities of any beard, goodness and freedom. Due to the overwhelming success of last year’s endeavor, Bearduary returns for its second installment and lo, its ranks are growing. The rules are few. Beginning on the dawn of the New Year or thereabouts the growth process shall commence. How you choose to sculpt your beard from that day forward is left entirely to your own choosing. The event culminates in a ribald night of revelry at the end of February. Be mindful, Bearduary is nigh and not to be missed. We invite you to participate in this celebration of the beard, sharing with us your beard-worthy tales and photos along the way.

Embrace the winter, for with the emergence of a beard, it is but a passing season in the cycle of life.

* If you’d like to participate please contact us *



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