Negative Beard is Positive (thanx @BuildaBeard)

Stare into the red dot for 30 seconds. Then blink into a blank (preferably white) wall. Then, consider your mind blown.

This is proof (thank you Tumblr) that there is no negativity in beards, even when talking about a negative. Pogonophobia be damned!


Beardcard: An Ode to the Beard

Many men are unable to grow facial hair; or, when they do, it’s often very spotty and/or stringy and cannot ever really be called a beard or mustache.  For those of you who are unable to wear a beard for whatever reason, an online t-shirt business will now enable you to wear a beard of your choosing, whenever and wherever you want.

beard1 Beardcard: An Ode to the Beard has many varieties of beards to choose from.  What do you feel like wearing today?  The Kiesel beard?  The rap industry standard beard?  What about a good ole fashioned Darwin beard?

All of these possibilities and more are available at  Now you need not be ashamed of your inability to grow facial hair.  Or maybe you’re just too impatient to grow your own nice long Darwin beard.  With quick shipping, you can wear that long impressive beard within just a few days’ time.

Prices for these many classy styles are wonderfully inexpensive.  At $12.99 per beard, you’re going to be sipping milk with style and you need not ever feel uncomfortable listening to that ZZ Top album ever again.

beard2 Beardcard: An Ode to the Beard

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Beard Buddy: For beards, by beards.

Beard Buddy was formed in 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Founders/buddies Nathan & Gareth wanted to create products specifically for beards by beards. There first buddy adventure is a custom handkerchief. This face device is for when you are out and about and you need to save your beard from getting too weird.

For example, you are on a date and you get guacamole all up in your beard grill. Instead of using a measly napkin or racing to the men’s room, bust out your Beard Buddy hanky and show your date and your beard who’s boss. Beard Buddy is here for you and your beard…let’s get beers and burritos and be BFF’s. We look forward to making more BB products and growing together. Pun intended.

Beards and Design

Beards and Design, why they get along so well!

It is unfortunate, but it seems that a good, healthy beard in today’s day and age is something that is not as revered as it maybe should be. I mean, c’mon… it takes time and effort to grow a good chin hat! Not to mention that they vary in size, color and shape, many men can’t even grow one. So, I am going to attempt to post something related to modern men, beards, and GREAT design from now on on this blog.

So if you have nay input, or images that you think are worthy of both GREAT beards and GREAT design related to beards, pitch in and lets get this odd blog going!!!


P.S.: The image above is sized perfectly for an iPad background!